March 29, 2021


Well guys, the draft is this Friday, April 2.No pithy quotes this time (didnít look for any), but I did see the following interesting tidbit while starting my research:


On July 24, 2020, the Toronto Blue Jays started an infield of Bo Bichette, Cavin Biggio, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr, and Travis Shaw.All were sons of former MLB players.Donít know about Shaw, but I did own the other three guys fathers. Ö Geez, just give me something else to make me feel old.


Anyway, to recap:


We are drafting at Caesarís in the Messina Room.Iíd like to shoot for a start time of 9 am Vegas time, because I think it will be a long draft.Because of this, I would like to suggest that we limit pre-draft discussion/proposals this year.Itís a scratch draft and most of the proposals have been determined anyway.My suggestion for the limit is none, but I wonít stifle someone that wants to speak up about something important to them.


Here is a rundown of the draft logistics Ė most of you may have read these in emails, but some of you may not have:


Three teams will not be joining us in Vegas, Otis/Hutch, Glenn/Dennis/Craig and the Torrenses.Everybody else will be there.So, because of the exorbitant cost for Internet in the room,we will have three concurrent conference calls going on using three different cell phones and Spencerís Bluetooth speakers (still working on who will call who.)


Iím asking again that everyone sends me their current cell numbers prior to Tuesday so I can make sure I have them programmed in my phone.


I get in around noon on Wednesday and am leaving early (6am) Saturday morning.Weíve got the pizza party at Farabeeís suite at the Cosmo Thursday night, so make sure Farabee also has your number so you can know his room number.


Donít forget to bring a power strip and extension cord so you can plug in.


Since we did not have a league last year, we will revert to the 2019 final standings for the draft and ML draft order.For the reord, those are:


Draft Ė 4/9/5/1/6/7/8/2/3/10

ML Ė 7/6/1/5/9/4/8/2/3/10


I donít know about you guys, but I am ready to get back to normalcy and canít wait to go to Marcusí room for a drink (that I will mix myself, thank you).


See most of you in about a week.