February 13, 2017

“Negative twenty below”

                                                --Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel talking about the cold weather.


We have a double negative.  Does that mean it is actually twenty above?  Anyway, all I know is it’s way colder than I want to be – either way.  Speaking of cold, it’s glad to see that someone who has been in the deep freeze (me), finally emerged into the sunlight.  This may seem a little late, but I usually get these things out around the Super Bowl – give or take a week.  So I’m still within one standard deviation.


Anyway, the Super Bowl is over (and it was a damn good game for a change) and it’s time for our initial pre-season ramblings.


I’ve talked to Scott and he is joining us as an expansion owner for 2017.  As an original owner in the CRL, it’s good to see Scott back.


So let’s talk about expansion.  As voted on in the draft, every team will get to protect seven.  Scott will then have one round to take a player from each team.  Minor leaguers are exempt from the expansion draft, so they do not need to be protected as one of your seven and cannot be selected.  Players on reserve can be selected and, if Scott keeps them, he’ll have to pay the $5 activation fee per player he keeps into the prize pool.  Salary and contract status for players selected are fully transferrable.


Because of my schedule, I’m setting a deadline of Saturday, February 25 for each team to submit their seven keepers who will not be exposed to the expansion draft.  From that point, Scott will have one week (until Saturday, March 5) to make his selections.  Scott cannot select more than one player from each team.  I will post Scott’s picks as soon after the end of the expansion draft as I can.


During the expansion week, trades may not be completed.  Once the expansion week is over, normal off-season trading rules apply.


Because of our expansion (back) to 11 teams, payouts will be adjusted per our prior vote:


1st – 50%

2nd – 35%

3rd – 10%

4th – 7%

5th – 3% or $130, whichever is greater (other winnings may be adjusted if 5th is below $130).


Since we are now back to 11 teams, “bubble” team trade rules are back in effect.  Until the All-Star break, normal trade rules apply.  After the All Star break, teams may only trade within their “divisions” (1-5 and 7-11).  Since the first team out of the money (team in 6th place) does not belong to either “division,” they are allowed to trade with anyone. But since standings change weekly, the sixth place team may change weekly so trades must be expedited.  Regardless, trading deadline is the first Monday following Aug 7.



Teams listed below have money left over from last season in their accounts.  This is a combination of positive balances at the end of the season and/or winnings left in the account.  If your team is listed below, you may subtract this amount from your initial $250 buy-in.

Team 3 - $163

Team 4 - $184

Team 5 - $36

Team 6 - $500

Team 7 - $62

Team 8 - $181

Team 9 - $539

Team 10 - $137.50


Everyone else owes the full $250.



Saturday, Feb 25 – send me your list of seven players protected from expansion

Saturday, March 5 – Scott gets me his expansion picks.

Wednesday, March 15 – Initial league buy in to Glenn.  I need to check with him to see where to send your checks.  He’s in California now, but may be back in Florida by then.  I’ll shoot everyone an email one I find out.  Of course, you can always send your checks to me and I’ll forward them on.

Friday, March 31 – Roster Freeze Day.  I realize this is before we have opening-day rosters, but I think everyone needs a weekend to prepare.

Friday, April 7 – Draft Day.


I’ll flesh out more details with the next newsletter following expansion.


See ya in Vegas.