February 2, 2016


Embrace the suck




I was going to lead off with something else I saw Ė but this quote from the folks in ROTC at Texas A&M Corpus Christi kind of summed it up.


I intended to quote Scott Van Pelt of ESPN who was talking about a photo op with an NYC mascot (Mets, Jets, Nets Ė I donít remember) who was getting a new, and not well regarded, female counterpart.Both were supposed to go to one of the Indian casinos:


ďA chance to sit next to a woman from Providence who rode the bus all night to chain smoke and play the penny slotsĒ


When I heard that, I considered it a definitive welder moment.But the local ROTC guys and gals stole the thunder.


Anyway, the draft is less than two months away so itís time to do some housekeeping.


I have been remiss/busy/drunk and have not yet done the reserve list cleanup.To remind everyone, if you have guys tied together (active to reserve) you can only keep one of them for the upcoming year.Remember, this step does not mean you are keeping anybody, it merely means you are retaining the rights to one of the players.Should you decide to keep one of the players now reserved on roster freeze day, it will cost you $5 to activate the player then.


For example, Ken has Domingo Santana (active) tied to Domonic Brown (reserve).If he chooses to retain the rights to Brown, then the Chief Welder needs to let me know so I know which player to release. If he does not, then he retains the rights to Santana and Brown is available.


If I donít hear from each of you by February 15, I will assume you want to keep your active players and release the linked players. A full list is at the bottom of this newsletter.


Now, the news,


It will be a speakerphone draft.Otis will not be in Vegas for personal reasons and Hutch wonít be there for logistical reasons.††† Hutch has taken a one-year sabbatical from IBM and is studying Chinese language and culture in China.So Hutch cannot be there, and Otis wonít be there.


Iíve got Glenn securing the phone line (which team 2 will pay for), but I need one of the Austin contingent to check with Otis and arrange for a speakerphone to be taken to Vegas.Let me know privately by email.


On a semi-related (participation) note, Mr. Fraser has decided to join us at the draft.He has booked his flight and room.So Iíve got my partner to draft the team while I run the draft Ė hide and watch fellas.


Donít know yet if Iíll be there for golf (havenít picked up my sticks in over a year), but Weve has taken the lead on this the last few years, so check with him if you want to chase that little white ball all over Godsí green acre.




Monday, Feb 15 Ė list of ďkeepersĒ between active/reserve rosters due.Let me know by email.


Tuesday, March 1st Ė initial buy in due. Since Glennís life is in flux, send payments to me.Make checks payable to Glenn Cekala, but send them to:


Jim Purcell

6141 Jessica Dr.

Corpus Christi, TX 78414


I will forward them on to Glenn.


Friday, March 25 Ė Roster Freeze day.


Friday, April 1 Ė Draft.


See you all in Vegas.






I screwed up somewhere during the year with one of the Rons moves.Adam Wainwright is on reserve, but not tied to anybody.Checking back, I see that he was tied to De La Rosa (Arizona), who was waived on 9/14. On the surface, this seems simple, when the Rons waived De La Rosa they should have also waived Wainwright.


Only problem is there is more than one De La Rosa in the league and the Rons owned both of them at some point.They got the Colorado De La Rosa in a trade with Farabee and later waived him. Then they picked him up again and waived him again. Somewhere in the De La Rosa plethora, I failed to see the linkage.


Since itís my fault (I would have warned them as I have most of you) about the waiver gone astray, I will allow them to maintain the option on Wainwright at $14.50, although, if they elect to keep him, it will cost them an extra $5 activation fee from their reserve list.


Team 1 (Ken)

Domingo Santana/Domonic Brown

Tommy Pham/Billy Hamilton

Tsuyoshi Wada/Cody Martin/Zack Wheeler


Team 2 (Otis & Hutch)



Team 3 (Glenn, Craig & Dennis)

Trea Turner/Eury Perez

Jose Reyes/Ben Revere

Brad Ziegler/Adam Ottavino


Team 4 (Terry & Rich)

Alexi Amarista/Zack Cozart

Tom Koehler/Henderson Alvarez

Jason Motte/Brandon Maurer


Team 5 (Steve F & Bill)

Angel Pagan/Gregor Blanco

Chase Utley/Nori Aoki

Jarrett Parker/Yadier Molina

Carter Capps/Jason Grilli


Team 6 (Steve S & Jared)

Ben Paulsen/Mark Trumbo

Freddy Garcia/Arismendy Alcantara

Tyler Clippard/Johnny Cueto


Team 7 (Ron & Ron)

Brandon Moss/Gerardo Parra

Juan Uribe/Devin Meopraco

Chris Hatcher/Marco Gonzales

Nobody/Adam Wainwright


Team 8 (Steve T & Vern)

Cory Spangenberg/Jung-ho Kang

Wellington Castillo/Ryan Braun

Kelby Tomlinson/Joe Panik


Team 9 (Jim & Jim)

Carlos Frias/Brandon Morrow

Pedro Baez/Cory Lubke


Team 10 (Marcus & Matt)

Jhoulys Chacin/Drew Stoiren