CRL News

February 16, 2014

As I sit here perusing the Sunday paper while watching the Olympic cross-country skiing relay, I realize two things:


·         These guys are a hell of lot more fit than me.

·         Pitchers and catchers are reporting???!!!


I guess I’ve been asleep at the switch.  We’ve got a season coming up and I need to get some particulars out.  (Insert my normal procrastination excuses here.)  I’m not going to suppose I’m working more hours than the rest of you, but I am putting in 70+ hours/week.


Update.  Snowboard cross (or whatever the hell they call it) is a cool sport – multiple riders on the same downhill course … fun to watch.


Hard to think about baseball, because it’s been freaking cold here.  I know Mr. Fraser will call me a piker, but we’ve had a really cold winter here in the Coastal Bend – a couple of icing incidents and a couple of dozen days in the 30s and 40s.  My palm trees are having a hard time.


I once spent a week in Denver in February for training and I can say one thing – it’s a hell of a lot colder here at 40 than it is in Denver at 12 because of the humidity – the dampness just digs in.


And it sucks for selling cars.


Anyway, enough about global warming.  Bullet point #2 above says it all.  Pitchers and catchers are reporting, so it’s time to get ready for our silver anniversary.


Speaking of our Silver Anniversary, Bill has given us yeoman’s duty lining up a facility that can accommodate us – some of you may remember we had to buy dinner at the old pizza place for some newlyweds that, unfortunately for them, ended up sitting next to us.  If you’ve got any pictures of past Vegas bacchanalia send them to Bill.  His email address is


Anyway, time for some news.


Ken has relocated to Reno (not sure if a name change is in the works) and his new email address is


Glenn has retired.  His new email is


Otis and Hutch will be joining us by speakerphone.  Hutch cannot join us in person due to work constraints (even though he was the one that picked the draft date) and Otis cannot join us for reasons only known to Otis.  As a founding member of the CRL, I am willing to give Otis some latitude here.  I’m suggesting we start the draft at 9 am, Vegas time, to accommodate Pray for Milk while also accounting for Friday night flights home for those of you that booked those flights.


Note to Bill – Otis and Hutch are fine with their contribution to the room rental for the 25th anniversary soiree, but want any funds designated to food to be, instead, put towards the speakerphone rental that they will pay for. 


Other notes:


Draft Day is Friday, April 4


Everyone owes $250 to Glenn by March 15 with the following exceptions:


Team 2 (Otis and Hutch) have $5 left from last year, so they owe $245

Team 4 (Terry and Rich) have $10 left from last year, so they only owe $240

Team 10 (Torrens’) have $70 left from last year, so the only owe $180.


Also, teams 3 (Glenn and Dennis), 6 (Spence), 9 (Me and Fraser), and 11 (Marcus and Matt) left winnings in to cover the initial buy in.


Everybody else needs to send Glenn $250.  His address is:


8561 LaSalle St. #53

Cypress, CA 90630


I have updated rosters on the stats site ( to account for “keepers” from each of your reserve lists.  Keep in mind that that you are not required to keep the guys you specified in December, you just reserved the right to keep them next month on roster freeze day.


Important dates:


Saturday, March 15 – have your money to Glenn


Friday, March 28 - Roster Freeze day (make sure you let me know your keepers (more on this in a bit)


Friday, April 4 – Draft Day.


Roster Freezes – money teams (3, 11, 6, 5, 9 – Glenn and Dennis, Marcus and Matt, Spence and Jared, Farabee and Bill, Me and Fraser) get to keep 7 players.  Everyone else gets to keep 10.  Please get me your keepers by 10 pm Central time Friday, March 28.  That way, I can get keepers out to everyone so we have a weekend to set available players.


Don’t forget, trades are OK until Friday, March 28.  Then rosters are frozen until after the draft.