CRL News

October 16, 2011


Another season in the books.  Congrats to Marcus and Matt for – hell, I don’t know what for – winning wire to wire?  Good season anyway, you schmucks.  I needed the season to last one more month.


Actually, Matt is getting married as I write this, so I should be a little nicer – he’s in for plenty of crap in the coming years as it is.


Anyway, here’s some news and notes to finish the season and prepare for next year.


First up, final league accounting (I started this last year and think it’s a good thing):










Marcus & Matt


 $           2,569



Steve & Bill


 $           1,285



Jim P


 $               771



Glenn & Dennis


 $               360



Otis & Hutch


 $               154


 $           5,138



League Accounting

Prize Money

 $    5,138.0

Balance Forwards

League Expenses Account

 $        225.0

Team 4

 $        225.0

Team 7

 $          46.0

Team 11

 $          86.0

Team 12

 $          38.0

Total Account Balance

 $    5,758.0


Four of you have money in your account for next year.  I’ve already told Glenn to leave $500 of my winnings in to cover me for next year.  Talking to Glenn today, he says he’s cutting checks next weekend.  If any of you other winners want to leave money in the account so you don’t have to pay next spring, please email Glenn ( ) and copy me ( ) and Scott ( ) so we can account for it.  Do that this week.

Some odds and ends:

For those of you wondering, the draft is Friday, April 6 at Harrah’s.

Don’t forget, next year is our final draft before the scratch draft in 2013.  (Geez, when we first started this, who would have ever thought I’d be typing that year in a newsletter?)

I’m still working, off and on (more off than on), on my tome, “A Brief History of the CRL.”   Since you know me, it ain’t really that brief (not to mention my use of the word tome).

Draft order for next year will be 8/1/12/7/6/10/4/2/3/9/5/11.  ML draft order is (as of now, depending on Spring money deadlines) 4/10/6/7/12/1/8/2/3/9/5/11

I have a rule change to propose (and maybe a cleanup item).  In years past, you were able to link multiple players together.  This was the scenario:

·         Player A gets hurt, so you reserve him and pick up Player B.  Then Player B gets hurt, so you reserve him and pick up Player C, but all three are tied together.  This could continue through multiple replacements.

A few years ago, strictly for bookkeeping purposes, I changed the rule so that you could only have two guys tied together, meaning you had to waive either Player A or Player B (above) in order to pick up Player C.  This runs counter to the Constitution on multiple fronts, so I’d like to go back to the original rule.  My bookkeeping method is better now, so I can keep up with it.  But since it will result in fewer waiver moves, I want buy in.  I will bring this up for a vote at the draft if I can’t get enough positive votes this off-season.

One change I propose is a $5 “re-reserve” fee to the scenario above.  In years past, Player A could continue to be held on your reserve roster for the entire season by only paying the original $5 reserve fee.   What I’m proposing is that, when the above scenario occurs, the team has a choice to either waive one of the linked players or “re-reserve” the original player for an additional $5.  I’d also like to include the “re-reserve” fee to any situation that benefits the owner when they move a reserved player to a different spot.  Here is the scenario:

·         Player A gets hurt, so you reserve him and pick up Player B.  Then Player C gets hurt, but you like Player A and Player B, so you waive Player C, move player A to the Player C hole, and pick up Player D and tie him to Player A.  The result is Player B is on your roster, Player C is gone and Player D (on your roster) is now tied to Player A (on your reserve list).

This has happened many times in CRL history, but what I’m proposing is that this move costs you an extra $5 “re-reserve” fee for Player A.  In fact, I’d want any move that results in the breaking/re-establishment of any links to incur a $5 fee.  In short, you can move links based on circumstances, but these moves will now cost money (again, that’s my proposal, not my edict).  We’ll vote on this at the draft if I don’t get enough votes in the off-season

Finally, I am making one change.  This is not up for debate (this is an edict), because it’s a procedural change to make it easier on me.  Below, you will find a list of linked players (e.g., guys on your reserve list tied to guys on your active roster).   This is the last year I will do this.  I won’t have to do it next year because of the scratch draft in 2013, but it will not continue after that.  Starting in 2013, you need to give me your next season “keepers” (not that you have to keep them next year) between your linked players by the end of the season money deadline of October 20.  For example, in the list below, Otis and Hutch have Stephen Drew (reserve) tied to Ronnie Cedeno (not picking on you Otis, but yours was the first team I came to with linked players).   This year, as in years past, I’m asking all of you to tell me which player out of your links you want to reserve the right to protect next year.  As in years past, the default is the player on your active roster (unless the reserved player is on a contract).  Going forward, I will not ask this again, you will need to let me know by the Oct. 20 end-of-season money deadline.

But since that is not in effect yet, here are the tied players I need a decision on (I have factored in contracts and option players).  Let me know by Nov 14 so I can put the season to bed:

Team 1 – None

Team 2 - Ronnie Cedeno/Stephen Drew, Edwin Jackson/Dustin Mosely, Joe Saunders/Jon Garland

Team 3 – Reed Johnson/Juan Miranda, Drew Pomeranz/Jair Jurrjens

Team 4 – None

Team 5 – Eric  Young/Casey Blake

Team 6 – Michael McKenry/Chris Snyder

Team 7 – Logan Forsythe/Dan Murphy

Team 8 – Yuniesky Betancourt/Zack Cozart, Bryan Petersen/Charlie Blackmon, Dave Sapppelt/Domonic Brown

Team 9 – None

Team 10 – Collin Cowgill/Jerry Sands, Michael Dunn/Vincinte Padissa

Team 11 – Juan Rivera/Matt Gamel

Team 12 – None

Please let me know who you’d like the option to keep by Nov 14.

Finally (and I mean it this time) I will reset the rosters on Nov 1.  So if you want to download the final stats (or anything else for that matter) please do it before then.