CRL News

October 30, 2010


Some news and notes to wrap up another season.


I’m glad I wasn’t in contention, because my mind was not on baseball most of the season.  For those of you who were, congratulations on your success.


Here’s a wrap-up of league accounting and winner’s shares:


Total Pool

 $  4,874.25

1st  (Spencer) = 50%

 $  2,437.13

2nd (Steve & Bill) = 25%

 $  1,218.56

3rd (Torrens & Torrens) = 15%

 $     731.14

4th (Fraser) = 7%

 $     341.20

5th (Otis & Hutch) = 3%

 $     146.23

 $  4,874.25


Additionally, two teams ended the season with positive balances - Rich and Terry have $73.75 in their account and the Torrens’ have $8 left over.  Unless we hear otherwise, we’ll assume you want to leave this in for next season.


Glenn will be cutting checks next weekend.  If any of you want to leave some of your winnings in for next year, please drop him an email sometime this week.  Glenn’s email address is:


Please be sure to copy me, so I can account for the money and not charge you again next year.


Remember, the draft is Friday, April 1 at the Imperial Palace.  I’ll get you more information on that in my first newsletter in 2011.


Couple of notes on the final standings.  Looking at the All-Star Stats site, it looks like Terry and Rich tied with Glenn and Dennis for 8th place with the same number of points.  But Terry and Rich didn’t make 1000 innings, so Glenn and Dennis get 8th and Terry and Rich take 9th.  This really only matters in the draft and minor-league draft order.  Likewise, it looks like I tied with Team 7 for 11th place.  I didn’t – the Rons were ahead of me six categories to four, so they take 11th and I’m in last.


Finally, below is a list of linked players (one on your active roster and one on your reserve roster).  Please decide which of each pair you’d like to have the option of keeping next spring.  Keeping them now does not mean you have to keep them next season, it just gives you the option of keeping them.  It also helps the rest of us know who will definitely be available.  This will cost you no money now.  If you want to keep a guy on your reserve list, and ultimately keep him on Roster Freeze Day next spring, then you will owe $5 to next year’s prize pool for the activation. 


Please get me this information by the end of November.  At that time, I’ll post who was kept.  If I don’t hear from you by Nov 30, then I’m dropping your reserved player and keeping the one on your active roster.


The player listed first in each pair is the one on the active roster:


Team 1 – None

Team 2 – Henry Blanco/John Baker

                    Rogeravin Bernadina/Kyle Blanks

                    Aaron Rowand/Chris Coghlan

Team 3 – Matt Belisle/Tyler Walker

Team 4 – Manny Corpas/LaTroy Hawkins

Team 5 – None

Team 6 – None

Team 7 – Michael Dunn/Chris Young

Team 8 – None

Team 9 – Luis Durango/David Freese

Team 10 – Jonathan Lucroy/Gregg Zaun

                     Matt Gamel/Allen Craig

                     Tom Gorzelanny/Rich Hill

·         NOTE – Chris Denorfia is no longer tied to anyone as Manny Ramirez played out his option

Team 11 – Chris Carter/Fernando Martinez

Team 12 – None