CRL News

February 9, 2009


It’s something I like to get back when I pay for something.  It’s also something a politician promised me.  Whether I agreed with him or not, or voted for him or not (and I didn’t), he promised me change this year.

Maybe he’s a prophet.

As most of you know, after 22 years, my employer decided they no longer needed my services.  After 48 years of having my closet all to myself, my walk-in has been reduced to a couple of feet on one rack.  (And the shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

That’s right, I’m getting a new career (I don’t know what it is yet) and a new life (marriage) all in the same year.  In short, everything in my life is changing.  Except one thing – this league.

Before I get to the fun stuff, we do have some 2008 remembrances to cover.

We tragically lost a charter member, Steve Kerr, midway through the season.  I need to pass along Sharon Kerr’s thanks for everything the league did.  She was extremely grateful when we returned Steve’s league fees and was almost speechless when I told her she was getting the winner’s share of $2600+ on a unanimous vote of the league owners.  She said it was going to their two daughters – specifically to the equestrian pursuits that Steve instilled in them.  I am also getting a small, classy (I’m thinking clear Lucite, something for the mantelpiece) memento to Sharon from the league in Steve’s memory.  Mike Stanley’s Cup is also being renamed in honor of Steve. (No, I haven’t figured out a name for it yet – all suggestions are appreciated.)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program …

But first, one last look back to 2008.  Charter CRL owner Steve Farabee, along with his relatively new partner, Bill McCausland, took home the 2008 title.  Farabee, who has been around since the Old Testament days (that means pre-Internet, Bill) of CRL history, actually got to the promised land.  Some of us never thought we’d ever live that long.  Steve used to be a “good owner.”  Our founder and Commissioner for Life, Ken Alexander, said  “Good Owners”  were always in (we’ve had some that weren’t – remember the South African guy who didn’t draft any black players and dropped out half-way through the season?), always pay, and are never a threat.  You gotta love those guys.

Editorial aside – I’m watching college basketball on ESPN as I’m typing this and they are having a field day with A-Rod admitting he used steroids.  Count me in the “I don’t give a shit” category – he wasn’t in the NL, anyway, and I want my guys doing whatever it takes to make their numbers better.  I owned Barry Bonds for a lot of years.  And it wasn’t because I liked his personality.

Scattershooting (thank you , Blackie Sherrod) before I get to the info that brought you here (OK, I’m drinking and want to ramble a bit).  If you don’t care about my (mostly self-serving) comments, you can skip the next four paragraphs.

All of you are invited to the wedding.  Check your mailboxes for invites – I screwed up and didn’t verify that they be sent first class, so they went out “Standard Mail,” whatever that means – all I know is it took a week to get to Austin (it would have been faster via pony express) and I have no idea how long it will take to get to those of you who live outside of Texas.  Please let me know if you need additional info.

To those of you who may have been taken aback by the news that I’m unemployed, don’t worry about me – I got a great severance package from my former employer – three weeks pay per year of employment, resume and job search help, and the first three months of COBRA at my employee contribution rate – which is why we are getting married before the end of March, meaning I’m on her insurance.  I’m actually going to start looking after the wedding. 

I’ve been so damn busy combining households, planning the wedding, combining households, working on upgrading the house, combining households, taking care of deferred maintenance on my house, combining households, consolidating finances, combining households, finding places for shoes and combing households that I’ve let some stuff slide – getting this update out is just one example. 

Of course, I have the best intentions but no schedule – I REALLY want to do all this stuff.  But I have a future brother-in-law (I like the guy) who is a fireman – read 24 hours on, 48 hour off – that has a knack for calling me on the way home from his shift, commenting on the weather and saying that it would it would be great day for a round golf.  I, of course, immediately forget about all the stuff I’m supposed to do and go hit the links (for those of you in the frozen hinterlands, the average high the past couple of weeks has been around 70).  I’d have accomplished a whole lot more, except for these distractions … he drug me kicking and screaming … I drove.  Obligations?  What obligations?

For those of you who skipped the last four paragraphs (Fore!), and those of you who did not, it’s time for the really important stuff you came here for:


2/23 (Mon) – You must report the players you intend to save between the guys you have tied together.  If you have guys on reserve tied to active players, you have to choose one from each tied pair to keep.  A list of players by team is included at the end of this newsletter,

3/1 (Wed) – Your initial payment of $250 is due to Glenn.  His address is:

8561 LaSalle St # 53

Cypress, CA 90630


3/16 (Mon) – Roster Freeze Day – Roster Freezes due.  No trades from this point until after the draft.


3/27 (Fri) – Draft ~ 10am.


I’ve already updated the rosters on the All-Star Stats site.  That means all players who played out their option or contract have been dropped from the rosters.  All S2s became S1s, all Long-term contract guys have had the number behind the L reduced by one.  Any player with a contract of “O” indicates a player entering his option year.  You can do three things with those players – you can drop them, leave them at the same salary to play out their option, or sign them to a Long-Term Contract.  For a refresher on Long-Term Contracts, go here:


When you look at the All-Star Stats site, you notice that Steve Spencer is now the owner of Team 6.  To keep everyone with the same team number, I traded the entire rosters of teams 6 and 13 (I talked to Spence about it already) and then deleted Team 13, dumping the players back into the pool.  We are now a 12-team league again.


Some housekeeping notes:


Jim Fraser will be joining us by speakerphone.  Veneeta, Jim’s wife, is undergoing chemo and has her final treatment the week of the draft.  There is no way he can leave her home by herself to come out and join us.


On Roster Freeze Day (3/16), if you keep anyone on your reserve or farm roster, you will owe $5 activation fees/farm retention fees per player you keep to the prize pool.


Here’s how many players each team can keep:

Team 5 – 12

Team 6 – 13

Team 10 – 14

Everyone else can keep 15 players.  Players retained on your farm roster do not count against the total number of players who can be kept.


Now, as promised, here is the list of players tied together.  Players listed first in each pair are currently on the active roster.  Please get back with me by Monday, 2/23 and let me know who you want to keep from each pair.  Keeping them at this time, does not require you to keep them on Roster Freeze Day.


Team 1: None

Team 2: None

Team 3: Greg Norton-Dan Ortmeier, Kyle McClellan-John Smoltz, Josh Johnson-Orlando Hernandez, Tyler Walker-Matt Clement

Team 4: Jason LaRue-Michael Barrett, Dmitri Young-Andruw Jones

Team 5: None

Team 6: None

Team 7: Geoff Blum-Moises Alou, Tim Redding-Noah Lowry

Team 8: Jolbert Cabrera-Mark Teixeira, Chris Gomez-Carlos Lee, Blaine Boyer-Peter Moylan

Team 9: Casey Blake-Wily Mo Pena, Damion Easley-Rafael Furcal, Matt Capps-Eddie Kunz

Team 10: Nick Evans-Jason Bay, Chris Volstad-Tom Gordon, Brian Mohler-Claudio Vargas

Team 11: Martin Prado-Nick Johnson, Mat Gamel-Brandon Phillips, Jeff Samardzija-Mark Mulder, Anibal Sanchez-Chad Cordero

Team 12: Taylor Buchholz-Brad Penny, Joe Blanton-Rafael Soriano