CRL News


April 2, 2007


As I sit here at halftime of the NCAA championship game, with the way Florida is dominating, Iím reminded of the BCS title game.Of course, the only reason Iím watching is because the last NL game of Opening Day is over.(Hey Marcus, nice job with Lidge, aka, Mr. 98 octane.Letís see just how fast we can turn wet firewood into a conflagration.)


OK, guys, weíre less than a week from the draft and Iíve got a handful of updates for everybody.


As I mentioned in an earlier email, the location of the draft has changed.Itís still at Harrahís, but they are having a poker tournament (and expecting something like 4,000 people) in the ballroom across the hall from where we were last year.I donít know about you guys, but I donít feel like waiting in line for the bathroom with that many of my not so close friends.Weíre in Parlor C this year.Itís on the same floor, but, apparently, when you come up the escalator/elevator, you turn the other way (and, no, donít ask me to remember through the alcohol and sleep-deprived haze which way we turned last year).


The draft starts at 10, Vegas time.Also on the agenda, Ken is setting up tee times for golf at Black Mountain (anyone got a car, or will we need to get a couple?) and Terry is looking for folks to go to Ruth Chrisí Steak House.Both events are on Thursday.I donít know the times of either event, but Iím hoping Ken and Terry send out info.


In case you hadnít noticed, rosters have been updated on the AllStar Stats site.


Otis will be drafting solo this year.Turns out, one of his employees (a team lead) gave notice and his last day is either Tuesday or Wednesday.Steve had already expressed concern about any absence during the first 10 days or so of every quarter being frowned on.Now he canít even get away for a day to go down to HQ (with a side trip to Otisís kitchen) in Austin.


Doug will also not be joining us in Vegas this year.He really wanted to go, but his ex-wife is out of the country and he had nobody to watch the kids.Heíll be joining us by speakerphone from Otisí kitchen.


On a related note, since Doug could not make it, heís not bringing Mike Stanleyís Cup for the trophy presentation.Heís already mailed it to me, so Iíve got it.But Iím not carrying that thing through airport security until next year.I had to drop it off at the shop to add more space at the bottom for additional plaques for the annual winners as it was out of room.Too bad it wonít be ready in time for my to bring it with me.(Amazing isnít it Ė especially when I just dropped it off today.)


Finally, in case you hadnít noticed, Ken and Marcus pulled off a deadline deal (the day prior to Roster Freeze Day) with Ken sending Jorge Julio to Marcus for Ryan Zimmerman.


See yíall in Vegas.