February 12, 2007


CRL News


It’s Monday night, so what else would I be thinking about but baseball?  Seriously, my weekends seems to fill up, so I have to take every chance I can to get you guys updated on what’s happening.  So, what’s happening?  Plenty!!


First, it’s time to pull out those calendars and jot down these dates:


March 15 – Thursday.  Money Due.  Get your initial $250 to Glenn by then.  His mailing address is updated on the address page (http://www.c-r-l.org/ownerinfo/CRLADS.htm).


March 29 – Thursday.  Roster Freeze Day.  You need to let me know your keepers.  I’ve updated the rosters on the All-Star Stats site.  I’ve included the updates from the ‘linked” player cleanup.  Any players listed as Option players are the ones you need to make a decision on whether to sign to contracts.  For a refresher on the rules regarding long-term contracts, check out the constitution (http://www.c-r-l.org/rules/crlconst.htm#XVI).  I picked a Thursday night because that’ll give me Friday to get everyone’s rosters updated.  I figure we all need a weekend to get things ready.  Roster freezes must be in by 10 pm Central Time.


April 6 – Friday.  Draft Day.  Draft begins at 10 am, Vegas time at Harrah’s.  It’s Copper room, which is the same as last year.  Remember, there is a stipulation in the contract which says we cannot bring in outside food or alcohol.  All food or drinks must be purchased at Harrah’s.  Bring in a McDonald’s hamburger and it could cost you $500.  The lady says everyone that works there is in the union and they will complain – aren’t unions wonderful!


Now, on to the votes we had on proposed rule changes.  Did you guys vote in Florida at some point?  Only about half of you even bothered to vote on our proposals, and of the one’s that did, most of the votes didn’t follow the format of the proposals – meaning I couldn’t figure out just what you were trying to say.  It’s possible my proposals weren’t entirely clear, so, we’re going to do it again.  But I’ll hold off and hold the votes at the draft.  It’ll be fast, because some of us will have planes to catch Friday night.  So minimal debate and then a yea or nay.


Proposal 1:


During the season, a player who is not listed as Active on the All-Star Stats Free Agent list (in the AL, out of baseball, in the minors or on the DL) may not be picked up to fill a hole.


Proposal 2:


A player who is out of baseball or in the AL may not be picked up off waivers.


Proposal 3:


A player who is in the minors may not be picked up off waivers.


Proposal 4:


A player who is on the DL may not be picked up off waivers.


Proposal 5:


The team finishing in 6th place gets to pick the location of the following year’s draft.


Other news of note.  Dan Burchfield has followed Steve Spencer in CRL retirement, leaving Scott Cordova as the sole owner of Big Balls.  We wish Dan well inhis future endeavors.


On a related note, Scott Cordova is assuming the role of League Bookkeeper.


Keith Ellery has also decided to bid the CRL adieu.  Steve Farabee has a new partner – Bill McCausland.  Bill works for the Texas Exes, so that’s the reason for the email address.  Welcome Bill and good luck Keith!


Since we’ve some changes and relocations (mentioned in the last newsletter) I’ve update the CRL owner contact page (http://www.c-r-l.org/ownerinfo/CRLADS.htm).  Please let me know of any additional changes I need to make.


Good luck to all!  See you in Vegas!




Your defending champ.