February 5, 2003

CRL News

ďI have nothing more to say.Ē

Ė Ted Turner telling 60 Minutes II what he wanted on his tombstone.

Iíve felt the same way lately, except without the ďmore.ĒAnd Iím not exactly thinking about my epitaph, but Iím thinking that any ideas of an early retirement are out the window.No, I havenít lost anything close to Tedís $7-8 Billion (I wonder, is being able to lose that kind of money such a bad thing?), but after 16 years with (now) AOL Time Warner, seeing the shares trade at about the price of lunch in anything more than a fast food establishment is not exactly making me optimistic about not having to get up and go to the office for the next 20 plus years.Not only that, but every day this year seems like itís been a freaking Monday.I just hope thereís a month of Fridays somewhere on the calendar.

But enough of that shit, pitchers and catchers report next week!(OK, so Iím later than usual.That means I needed a really good excuse.)

This should be a really fun draft.We have 20 owners, and half of them have never been through a scratch draft.Since nobody is saving cheap guys, thereís not a ton of money to spend on Barry Bonds.Something tells me that going to double digits on anybody will take some thought (whatís worth more, Pudge Rodriguez, or a share of AOLTW?), and going over $15 will take some cahones.

Not only that, something will happen this year that hasnít happened in over a decade Ė everybody is going to Vegas!Thatís right, we have full owner participation Ė no speakerphone, we can rag each other face-to-face.

Hereís some important dates:

Saturday, March 1 Ė Everybody has to have their initial $250 to Glenn (3191 Kempton, Los Alamitos, CA 90720).In case you forgot, when sending your check, the spelling of his last name is Cekala.

Thursday, April 3 Ė I get to Vegas.Several of you guys drag me kicking and screaming to a strip bar.I end up spending more money that any of you.In fact, I end up spending more money than Mike Look at a blackjack table.

Friday, April 4 Ė Golf!Nobody has taken the lead on this yet.I donít have time, so if anyone wants to set up some tee times, be my guest.

Saturday, April 5 Ė Draft Day.Weíll be in a meeting room at the Imperial Palace, as per usual.Starting time TBD, since we donít have to cater to people on the phone two time zones away.We can decide this via vote, or when we all go out for pool, pizza and beer at the bar below the Coca Cola museum next to MGM on Friday night.Please weigh in with your thoughts.

Please go to the address page and let me know of any changes. I know Jim Fraser has moved to Milwaukee (motto: Itís almost Major League Baseball) but I donít have all of his info.Let me know of anything else that has changed.

See ya in Vegas!