CRL News


It’s the best time of year.  The NCAA tournament is going on, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, leaves are opening on trees, Spring Training is winding down, and we’re all buying extra golf balls to lose in Vegas – among other things we’ll be losing.


But y’all didn’t hyperlink in to hear about the change of seasons, you want to know who the hell everybody kept.  Well, I’m going to keep you in suspense for a couple of paragraphs, because there is a little news to report.


Doug will not be joining us in Vegas this year.  As I told all of you previously, he has relocated to Northern Virginia, and has a small problem.  Both his family and his wife’s family are in Texas.  He’s been in his house for two days.  His long distance service will not even be connected until Tuesday.  And now Jazz has to go to Canada, the weekend of the draft, for her new job.  So he won’t be in Vegas or in Otis’ kitchen.  Instead, Doug will pay for a conference call that will link him, Otis, and us (minus whatever Otis’ call would normally cost).  This shouldn’t be much different than a normal speakerphone draft, but be prepared for it to take awhile in any case.


We’ve also had a couple of trades.  Most of you heard about the first, but you may not know about the second.  I traded Craig Wilson and Geoff Jenkins to Marcus for Barry Bonds and Jim Fraser traded Bobby Abreu to Hutcheson for John Smoltz.


And now, the reason you’re all reading this, rosters.  They’re here.


See ya in Vegas.