February 10, 2002


As Iím sitting here watching ski jumping and idly browsing the Internet, I realized that Spring Training starts this week.So I guess itís time to get off my butt and put out a newsletter.

I donít feel particularly funny tonight, so there arenít any quotes and wonít be any jabs at anyone.But the days are getting longer, and the draft nearer, and itís been a busy off-season.So Iím gonna keep this short and just stick to the important stuff.


Money is due March 1.Send your $250 to Glenn by then or lose your place in the minor-league draft.

Draft Day.

Saturday, April 6.

Roster Freeze Day

Friday, March 29. 10 P.M. Central time.I will put protected rosters on the web site so everyone will have the weekend to prepare.

Name Change.

Marcus, having finished second by two hits, has changed his team name to Two Hits.


No, it didnít happen in the Major Leagues, but it did happen in the CRL.Bill Fleisig has gotten way to bogged down with work to continue as part owner of the Bambi Slayers.And, as you may have known, Rich ran his team solo this past season.So Rich and his father-in-law, Terry, have decided to merge.They are going to take the roster of Team 14, so that means that every player on last yearís Team 4 is now available.(And no, there are no trades with that team, since it doesnít exist anymore.)Whatís going to happen is that Team 14 will be renumbered as Team 4, and we will only have 13 teams in the league.(This hasnít happened on the website yet, but will as soon as I figure out how to do it.)Before you start to wonder about a replacement team, remember, we were originally only going to add one team in 2000, but added two instead.So weíre back to where we wanted to be back then.

Bill has left open the idea of re-joining the CRL as soon as things calm down enough at Silver Creek Ranch.Regardless of what happens, we wish Bill well.He was a good owner, and more importantly, is a good guy.

Final Official Standings.

Team 1 did not make its innings last year.As such, they finish with one point (kinda fitting, given their old name) in both ERA and Ratio. (The stat service cannot make this correction for us without it impacting all teams that were behind them in those two categories.Because we do not let this happen, we manually adjust the final standings for the following seasonís minor-league draft order Ė since thatís the only real thing it affects.) Based on this, Team 1 drops 20 points and finishes in 10th place.Teams 2 and 5 move up to 8th and 9th, respectively.

Pitching Category Added.

Lest you all forgot, we added a fifth pitching category effective this year, strikeouts minus walks (K-BB).

Roster Cleanup.

Hereís the keepers from the annual post-season active roster/reserve player cleanup.

The keepers are:

Team 1 Ė Andy Barkett

Team 2 Ė Barry Larkin

Team 3 Ė Kelly Stinnett

Team 5 Ė Pablo Ozuna and David Dellucci

Team 6 Ė Ronnie Belliard, Julio Franco and Kevin Millwood

Team 7 Ė Armando Rios, Bill Mueller, Armando Reynoso, Mike Fetters, Pedro Astacio and Gene Stechscultze

Team 11 Ė Adrian Brown

Team 12 Ė Mike Benjamin, Rafael Furcal, Brad Wilkerson and James Baldwin

Team 13 Ė Carlos Hernandez and Bret Prinz

As per usual, these players do not have to be protected on Roster Freeze Day, but the guys they were tied to are definitely available.

Names and Addresses.

I fixed this once. But since the web page hosting company was changed, and stuff on it migrated back in December, and I donít remember whether I changed everybodyís info before or after the migration, I donít know if it is accurate on the web page.Please check yours here and let me know.

Off-Season Vote.

We had a vote this off-season to decide if we wanted to have a scratch draft in 2003. There were a couple of versions of this related to the trading deadline.The result is that we will have a scratch draft in 2003 (which means that nobody will sign any long-term contracts this year) and the trading deadline remains unchanged.

That means there is one thing we need to decide.First, do we keep farm players, or do we throw everybody back.Allowing teams to keep their farm players (so long as they begin 2003 in the minors) might mean that there could still be a few trades with second division teams after Memorial Day.But one school of thought says that a scratch draft means starting everything from scratch.So we need a vote.The deadline is March 1.Keep farm players or donít keep farm players.Let me know how your team votes.

There is one other thing thatís impacted by this, but Iím not calling for a vote, Iím just making an executive decision.If you donít agree with me, tough shit.Teams with players already signed to long-term contracts which extend beyond this year get to recoup the additional salary.For example, if somebody has a player with a two-year contract for $7.50, they obviously canít keep the player for two years.So they should be able to reduce the contract to $5 (subtracting the $2.50 for the additional year). Itís only fair.I donít know how many players (and owners) are affected, by this, but if memory serves, itís only two or three.Iíll verify it and put it out the first weekend of March with the results of the vote.

Damn Iím glad Spring Training is starting.Maybe that means there will be something to read about in the sports page.