Hey Guys,

How ‘bout those fish?

Talk about baseball in the ‘90s. The owner buys a team, bitches about losing money, wants the city to build him a new stadium even though he already owns the one his team plays in, threatens to sell, gets into the playoffs via the wild card, and wins it all. Oh, and lest I forget, only 20-some-odd-thousand fans decided to show up for one of the Marlins’ first-round games against the Giants. Kind of gives you a warm feeling for all of those traditionalists out there. Sure, George Steinbrenner has been doing the same thing for years, but at least he isn’t threatening to sell the Yankees (insert your own editorial comment here) and fans do come out to see the playoffs and possibly catch a fair ball.

Anyway, I’ve been lazy as hell (so what else is new) and I have to get this out so I’ll get right to it.

Those of you with players on your reserve lists have to make a decision between those players and the ones they are linked to on your active roster. You’ve also got to make this decision pretty quick, like by Sunday, November 2. I’ll be home.

As usual, I didn’t include tied pairs where one is a long-term contract guy (i.e. Brian Jordan), because you’ve got to keep the long-term guy anyway. At least you do until roster freeze day.

Team 1
John Ericks – Ricardo Rincon

Team 2
Roger Cedeno – Dave Clark
Rheal Cormier – Mark Gardner
Bruce Ruffin – Tony Fossas

Team 3
Russ Johnson – Manny Alexander
Todd Stottlemyre – Kevin Tapani

Team 7
Shane Andrews – Danny Sheaffer
Luis Castillo – Mark Lemke
Jeff Brantley – Jay Powell
Matt Wagner – Dave Mlicki

Team 10
Brant Brown – Chris Stynes
Andy Benes – Brian Bohannon

Team 12
Karim Garcia – Mark Kotsay
Curtis Goodwin – Devon White
Sid Fernandez/Donnie Wall/Terrell Wade – Dennis Reyes

Talk to you soon,