April 2, 1996


No quotes, no jokes, no shots, just news.

Well, ... maybe just one shot. How about that vaunted Kerr trading prowess? As you may remember, last time we talked about how he acquired Tony Tarasco the day before Tarasco was traded to the AL. Now it can be told that the other player Kerr got in that same transaction, Cliff Floyd, was sent to the minors and Steve had to pay $15 to buy out his contract. Hey Steve, will you please let the rest of us know what bets you are placing in Vegas so we can go opposite you and clean up? Sorry Steve, but you just make things too easy.

Now, about the pages behind this one:

First you'll find everybody's protected rosters. Remember, no more trading until after the draft. Secondly, there is a new address and phone list. Throw the old one away, it contained an error.

Finally, Ken and Greg have a new name. You'll find it on the next page. Let Ken explain it to you -- it's an Aggie thing.